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We can help you with various kind of legal problems and your business in JAPAN.

Welcome to Attorney Office EXTAGE
We can help you with immigration and visa problems, establishment of companies or branch offices in Japan, and other legal and administrative matters.

Our License :
Legal Attorney
Social Insurance Lawyer
Administrative Solicitor
Immigration Lawyer
Registered Management Consultant

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VISA Status/Naturalization/Permanent Residence

If you wish to make a long stay or work in Japan, you are required to comply with certain procedures under Japanese immigration law.
JAPAN is one of the most severe countries concerning visa procedures.
When you change your status such as getting married, changing your work place, getting divorce, etc., you should be careful about your status of residence.

We assist :
Application to engage in activities not permitted under status of residence.
Application to change of status of residence.
Application for acquisition of status of residence.
Application for extension of period of stay.
Application for re-entry permit.
Application for naturalization.

Establishing a company in JAPAN

if you wish to establish your company in JAPAN, you are required to comply with certain procedures under Japanese law.
We will help you establish your company, always thinking of your visa problems at the same time.
Of course, even after your company started, we will help you with changing directors, moving the office address, accounting or acquiring business licenses.

We assist :
All procedure to establish your company
Incorporate prospectus
Governmental permission
Making Legal Documents
Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We will help your business in various way.

We assist :
Market research / Market entry planning
Product Sourcing
Product Licensing
Office set-up
Representation & liaison
New Business development
Business Planning
Business Auditing, M&A and other related services

*Coordination of Office Space and Housing Searches Staff-Recruiting Support,
Introducing Tax Therapists, Certified Public Accountants and Lawyers.

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